The Art of Snark: Moxie Graphics’ Creative Sassy Designs

Welcome to the world of Moxie Graphics, where wit meets design, and every product packs a punch of personality. I'm Ronda, one-half of the Moxie Graphics duo, and today, I'm peeling back the curtain to reveal the creative process behind our snarky, sassy designs that perfectly fit in your personal space.


Inspiration: A Slice of Life

My journey in creating each snarky quote starts with, well, being me. As someone who navigates life with a blend of anxiety, introversion, sarcasm, and a dash of blunt honesty, I find that the best inspiration often comes from my own experiences. Each Moxie design reflects my personality, a snippet of life seen through a lens that's just a bit off-kilter or just a bit more sarcastic than your usual comebacks.


From Thoughts to Themes to Sassy Decor

Many of Moxie Graphics’ designs are sparked by everyday moments. A sideways glance at the absurdities of life, a silent retort to an overheard conversation, or a personal mantra to get through the day - these are the seeds of our creations. Sometimes, I stumble upon inspirational quotes online that resonate with me. They're not your typical motivational lines; instead, they're the ones that make you smirk and nod in agreement.


The Unexpected Pairings & Retro Love

My love for retro prints and juxtapositions comes to life in our sarcastic prints and designs. There's something delightfully unexpected about pairing delicate flowers with swear words. It's this contrast that defines the essence of Moxie Graphics. Our products, be it canvas prints, magnets or funny stickers, are like grown-up posters for your walls and appliances. They're statements of who you are: elegance with an edge.


Designing for the Home – Sassy Wall Frames/Canvas Prints, and Magnets

When I design, I think about what I'd love to see in my own home. It's not just about creating a product; it's about crafting a piece of decor that blends humor with sophistication. Our canvas prints and magnets for home decor are testaments to this philosophy. They're conversation starters, mood lifters, and personality enhancers; all while adding a touch of class to your space.


Classy Yet Quirky

At Moxie Graphics, we firmly believe that funny decor can still be classy. It's all about balance - the right amount of sass with the perfect dose of style. Our humorous designs are meant to bring a smile, provoke a thought, and add a unique flair to your surroundings. They're for those who appreciate a bit of humor in their lives and aren't afraid to show it. Are you one of them?


Final Thoughts with a Twist of Moxie

The art of creating sarcastic designs is more than just putting words on a canvas or magnet; it's about expressing a way of life. It's for those moments when you need a reminder to laugh, to not take everything so seriously, and to embrace the quirks of your personality. At Moxie Graphics, every design is a piece of us, made for you - because a little snark can make a whole lot of difference in how we see the world.
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